Hole by Hole Guide

1st Par 4, 350 metres

A tough opening hole, an accurate drive can set you up for a good start to your round. Beware though, trees on the left and out of bounds on the right can leave you in trouble. The approach shot to this narrow green is crucial.

2nd Par 5, 420 metres

An open looking hole from the tee box, this par 5 is deceptive. A narrow fairway makes this a tougher hole than it seems, with out of bounds on the right. A good tee shot will give a player the chance to go for the green in two. However, three large greenside bunkers mean it may be best to lay up.

3rd Par 4, 260 metres

Important not to go right on this hole with trees running the length of the fairway. It appears to be a short par 4 but the fairway inclines steeply to a flat, elevated green. Although this hole is index 17 a player could find themselves in all sorts of trouble.

4th Par 4, 346 metres

This is a tough par 4. Any wayward tee shots will be punished with trees lining both sides of the fairway.  With bunkers guarding the green an accurate second shot is important.

5th Par 3, 140 metres

The first par 3 on the course, a stream divides the hole halfway between the tee and green but shouldn’t come into play. Greenside bunkers are the main obstacles on an otherwise friendly hole.

6th Par 4, 252 metres

Another short par 4 that requires accuracy off the tee,  the fairway gradually ascends to a receptive green.

7th Par 3, 185 metres

The hole is slightly downhill from tee to green which means it plays a little shorter than its yardage. Any shot pulled left will be out of bounds. Anything right will end up in thick rough.

8th Par 4, 325 metres

A tough tee shot on this hole. If you don’t hit your drive straight make sure you go right as there is trouble all the way up the left. A good approach shot is required as anything long or left will mean having to hit again.

9th Par 4, 385 metres

The toughest hole on the course, an accurate tee shot is vital. Hitting your tee shot to the right hand side of the fairway gives the best angle of approach. The hole doglegs from right to left. Bigger hitters can cut the corner but a poor shot could mean out of bounds or at best the second shot will be blocked. The hole continues uphill to a sloping green.

10th Par 4, 270 metres

A classic risk/reward hole, big hitters will feel they have a chance of reaching with a good drive. However, trouble lurks everywhere. Trees both sides of the fairway make the green a very narrow target while there is a hazard short of the green. An iron off the tee is the sensible shot.

11th Par 3, 108 metres

This is ranked the easiest hole on the course. A short par 3 with little danger, a generous green makes this a potentially low scoring hole.

12th Par 4, 305 metres

Accuracy is once again the key factor from the tee box. Anything wayward will leave you in all sorts of trouble with plenty of trees to be avoided. A good drive will leave an approach shot with a short iron or a wedge.

13th Par 4, 355 metres

A relatively long par 4, if the ball is kept straight off the tee you will have a nice attempt at an approach shot. Anything wild though will be severely punished.

14th Par 4, 288 metres

A tight tee shot requires accuracy off the tee. The surprise on this hole is the bunker in the middle of the fairway 100 yards from the green which cannot be seen from the tee box. This makes club selection important for your tee shot.

15th Par 4, 292 metres

A slightly more open hole, however, anything too erratic will be costly as there are trees both sides of the fairway. The fairway slopes from left to right so be wary of that if you want to stay in the short stuff. A front pin placement will make it tough to get close with your approach shot.

16th Par 5, 450 metres

This may look like a kind hole from the tee box but it is anything but. Out of bounds and dense trees on the right mean that if you miss the fairway being left is the only get out clause. The narrow fairway gradually goes uphill meaning this hole plays longer than its yardage. Two good shots will leave a short iron for your approach.

17th Par 3, 158 metres

This is a medium length par 3 that requires good club selection and an accurate tee shot. Any shot hit short and either side of the green will end up in one of the two bunkers. The view of Dublin city from the tee box is worth stopping for.

18th Par 4, 350 metres

A nice closing hole with room to manoeuvre, the important shot on this hole is your approach. Club selection will be vital as if you go long you will find yourself in difficulty. There are also bunkers guarding the side of the green for any wayward shots.