No Shows On Sunday’s Is Not Acceptable ???

It has come to the attention of the committee that there is a lot of people not showing up for their booked tee time on Sunday’s. This is not acceptable.

If your are not able to make your booked tee time please have the courtesy to remove your name from the time sheet as soon as you can.

As you are aware spaces on the time sheet at this time of year are like gold dust.

Action will be taken by the Committee to tackle regular offenders.

So please as a courtesy to your fellow Members and Elmgreen Golf Club.

Please remove your name or ring the pro shop and they will remove it for you. !!!!!!!

Slow Play is not OK !!

Reports have come AGAIN about slow play on Sunday Competition Days

This is an issue which is creeping in again.

Members please note that your position on the course is

Behind the group in front of you

and not in front of the group behind you

Please be aware of your position on the course AT ALL TIMES and help to speed up play.

Are you playing off the wrong Handicap

Members and Visitors

Are you playing off the right handicap ?

If you played in the Open Singles competitions on Monday 9th or Friday 13th October duringElmgreen Golf Centre  run “Festival Of Golf” your handicap may be incorrect and may need to be adjusted.

Similarly, If you played in the Elmgreen Golf Centre run Open Singles (“Winter League”) competition on Wednesday 18th October or intend to play it during the next 10 weeks, your handicap may be incorrect and may need to be adjusted.

Elmgreen Golf Centre run the Winter League competition on Wednesdays which explains a fee of €5.

Club Competitions are respectively €3 for Sunday and €4 for Wednesday.

Elmgreen Golf Club are not involved in the 12 week Winter League.

As these competitions were not run under the auspices of Elmgreen Golf Club they are deemed to be “Non Qualifiers”.

They should not have been treated as Qualifying competitions and any adjustments to handicaps as a result will have to be amended.

The GUI, at a meeting with Elmgreen Golf Club Officials on 17th inst. stated that the above competitions are deemed to be “Non Qualifiers” and this should be reflected in the handicap status of Club members and visitors alike.

Qualifying competitions can only be run by a Club affiliated to the GUIElmgreen Golf Club is affiliated to the GUI.

Elmgreen Golf Centre is not.


Please be advised that E-Mails signed Elmgreen Golf Club are not from the Golf Club but are from Carr Golf.