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Notice of the A.G.M. (Men’s Club) Elmgreen Golf Club 2018


The A.G.M of Elmgreen Golf Club (men’s club) will take place in Elmgreen Golf Club Clubhouse

7.00pm, on Thursday 25th January 2018.


Notices of Motion must be made, in writing, to the Hon Secretary not later than 5.00pm on Thursday 4th January 2018. Motions should be proposed and seconded by existing members of the Golf Club. Motions can be submitted to the Hon Secretary c/o Elmgreen Golf Club, or to

Motions to be considered by the meeting will be on display in the clubhouse from Thursday 18th January 2018.

Nominations for Officers and Men’s club committee members “duly proposed and seconded” by existing golf club members, must reach the Hon Secretary not later than 5.00pm on Thursday 4th January 2018.

Nominations for Officers and committee members will be on display in the clubhouse from Thursday 18th January 2018. Please verify in advance of nomination that the proposed member is willing to serve on the committee,if elected.


John Burke

Hon Secretary

Elmgreen Golf Club.

12th December 2017.



Important Notice

Dear Members and Visitors,

We are currently in transition to a new golf booking system.

Members Casual Bookings – Please call the Pro Shop on 01-8200797 until Wednesday 20th December

Members Competitions up to the 31st of December – Click here

Member Competitions from the 7th of January – Click on Button on the bottom right hand side of this page

Members booking after 20th of December will all be via Chronogolf for casual golf. An email to register will be sent out to each member on the 20th December. Members must take action and register your new account on the 20th December via the e-mail you will receive. You will not be able to make a reservation until your account is activated.


  • Visitor Bookings Click on Button on the bottom right hand side of this page.

Thank you for patience during this transitional period, we apologise for any inconvenience. As ever, please call us if you have any queries.

Elmgreen Golf Team

Tel: 0 1 820 0797

Golf with Gillian Burrell PGA Fellow


Golf just voted most “boring game”

By Gillian Burrell PGA Fellow

A week ago, golf topped the list of 30 of the most boring games in sport. It’s hard to argue with perceptions but all sports have more to offer than the dissenting voices argue. The game of golf has irrevocably changed my life and it does so for lots of people for a whole host of reasons.

Perhaps the problem is that golfers rarely look at “what lies beneath” the surface of the game and tend to reduce it to a good score or a more likely a not so good score!  As we know too well, golfers are lucky to score well less than a handful of times throughout the year. If this is the case, what makes the game so compelling?

We can talk about “a game for life”, the health benefits we accrue, the relationships we build with our fellow golfers but I think it’s even more fundamental than that, it’s the life challenges golf presents on a daily basis in the course of the game.


Never boring, always challenging.


Whether it’s controlling our emotions when we hit a bad shot, our ability to make logical decisions when it comes to shot making, responding to pressure, resilience or “bounce back” as we call in in golf, these are the challenges that make golf interesting, addictive and sometimes all consuming.

Over the next couple of months, I will be writing about each of these challenges and how we can overcome them and transform not just your game but also how you could use these tools in other areas of your life.

In the meantime, if you come across a sceptic, please highlight the reasons why golf is never boring but always challenging. We all need to persuade these disbelievers for the sake of the longevity of the game.


Gillian is Director of Coaching at P2LG and operates her private coaching practice at The Carr Golf Centre at Spawell and Elmgreen Golf Centre.

For further information on coaching programmes and availability, you can call Gillian at 087-2586788.



Hole in 1 during our Festival of Golf




A big congratulations to Mary McGuirk who had a hole in 1 on the 11th Hole during our Ladies Open Team Competition in the Festival of Golf last week.

A big well done from all at the club.

If you have a hole in one at the club, please take a photo at the hole and send it to and we will update our website and social media platforms of the news!