Sunday 19th Singles Stableford

Non Qualifying Competition CSS : 70

  Name Handicap Score Comments
Winner Shane Davis 19 41pts  
Class 1 Clive Brooks 10 37pts Countback
Class 2 Charles Nutley 16 40pts  
Class 3 Damien Howe 19 35pts  

The pin 17th


3ft 10ins

Two’s (6) B.Garrigan M.Daly D.Russell P.Reilly
S.Walker F.Godfrey  

3 thoughts on “Sunday 19th Singles Stableford

  1. Nash says:

    I suggest you instruct Gerard Kelly to rectify his mistake, as he is the one who made the mistake. I have nothing to do with the Web site since January. If I was still looking after the Web Site I wouldn’t make such a basic mistake. Apology accepted

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