Merging of Class 3 and 4 Numbers


Following a review of competitions by the competitions committee in relation to, the winter of 2016

(12-14 hole competitions),

and also competitions played year to date (2017), there is an anomaly in terms of numbers per class. 

Currently there are on average over thirty players in class 2 but only 10-15 in class 4.

(we have on occasion had less then 10 players in class 4)

As the handicap cuts for class 3/4 are the same the fairest solution to this is to merge classes 3/4

and increase prizes accordingly.

The new Breakdown will be:

Overall winner         €50 voucher

Class  1    winner   (1-12)    €40   Voucher

Class 2   winner   (12-18)     €40    Voucher

Class 3/4 merged (19-28)    €40   Voucher

This merger will be implemented this Sunday 30th April.

There will be no changes to the prize structure on Wednesday’s as it is the one division only in terms of prizes.

 Competitions Committee.

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